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Post  Meltdown on 4/27/2010, 10:51 am

It is 11 years after the Fallen and sentinel prime was destroyed by Optimus Prime, optimus was badly damaged and was enroute to recieve repairs when a transformer Optimus hasn't seen for over 3000 years arrived and took advantage of a badly hurt Prime. A short battle began with Optimus and the Decpticon Dive Bomb's forces. The Decepticons took advantage of the Autobots weakend state and slaughtered them. Optimus was the last one to be destroyed and Dive Bomb had that pleasure of doing so. When Prime couldn't stand on his feet Dive Bomb walked over to him and ripped his spark from his chest and crushed it within his hands. Primes optics (eyes) flahsed then went dark as he died. Dive Bomb then did the same to Megatron and his followers. Dive Bomb crowned himself as the new Decepticon leader and Earth was in total chaos. Earth was nearly under Decpeticon control. Dive Bomb and his new clan of Decepticons wanted this planet and only a few new Autobot heros stood in their way. As the battle rages on new transformers are introduced and new battles will be fought.

Who will reign supreme join today and help find out who will take the prize of the planet Earth.
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