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A bit of confusion

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A bit of confusion Empty A bit of confusion

Post  Galactic Viper on 3/6/2019, 3:48 pm

Ok everyone,

Since we are going back to the good old days here.   Remember "Alternate timeline",  Autobots: the Leader is Optimus Prime, he is not scrapped yet.  Decepticons: Leader is Megatron has not become Galvatron yet.  

So we are all starting out as warriors, this does not mean, that the ones on the admin team are losing their positions.   What you got you have earned.   We just want to have some fun rebuild your backstories, and when we return to the main time line, it will be more fun.

So if you have Prime on your names, please remove them.   I will not mention names.   Let's have some fun!!!!

A bit of confusion <a href=A bit of confusion Pbucket"
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