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**Points System**

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**Points System** Empty **Points System**

Post  Dream Weaver 6/2/2010, 7:14 pm

Points conversion chart:
0 - 5 = Poor
5 - 6 = Average
7 = Good
8 - 9 = Very good
10 = Masterful

Strength: How strong is your character?

Intelligence: How smart are you? Can you make quick decisions/think on the move? Can you lead a squad effectively?

Endurance: How long can you fight before you start getting tired?

Speed: How agile are you? Are you light on your feet or not? The size of your robot matters...the bigger you are the slower you are.

Attack: Can you fight well offensively?

Defense: Or can you fight better while you are on the ropes?

Skill: Are you good at what you do?

Courage: - Do you run away at the first sign of things getting rough or stand your ground. Do you give it your all, even when the chips are down?

It is good to have a balanced point spread. And remember, no one is perfect in all aspects.

Thank You,
Dream Weaver
Dream Weaver
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Decepticon Commander

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