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Electra: Speed demon

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Electra: Speed demon Empty Electra: Speed demon

Post  Electrious 3/21/2019, 10:18 am

Official name: Electrious
Prefered nickname: Electra, Elly
Rank: Warrior
Faction: Autobot

Size: Minibot

Strength: 6.5

Speed: 10

Intelligence: 6

Endurance: 5.5

Courage:  10 (Stupidly headstrong and willing to jump into danger for her comrades)

Skill: 6

Attack: 7.5

Defense: 6

Function: Recon, Tracker, Spy(A work in progress, she is currently training for spying duties)

Firepower: Below
-Medium blaster
-Weapon Attachments:  Flak cannon
-Melee Weapons: Dual Arm Blades

Age: roughly 1,000 years old currently
Electra: Speed demon Image0

Alt mode: A small red and white car that can reach high speeds.
Electra: Speed demon Tuthill-Porsche-911-RGT

Abilities: Chameleon Power, Extra Sensory Perception,Collision Armor.

Background Story: Built as Cybertrons great war was starting to heat up she witnessed many horrors and great shocks and losses. She was created to be quick and efficient in her duties which included, but are not limited to, Reconnaissance and tracking. She is a small little speed demon with a nasty habit of running into things...hence why she was given collision armor. Electra can often be found mingling with racers like Blurr when not on duty.

Random extras:
NickleBack is her favorite band
Music is a huge weakness of hers when off duty
Electra: Speed demon Nickelback_Here_and_Now_170x170-75
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