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Post  Shock Vector on 8/16/2011, 4:30 pm

Name: Shock-Vector

Rank: Autobot Warrior

Faction: Autobot

Size: Mega

Strength: 6.0

Speed: 5.0

Intelligence: 9.5

Endurance: 9.0

Courage: 10.0

Skill: 7.0

Attack: 10.0

Defense: 5.5

Function: Scientist

Firepower: Below
-Blasters: 2 Shoulder Blaster and a Transformable Arm Cannon
-Weapon Attachments: Steel Net, EMP Grenades, and Plasma Blast
-Melee Weapons: Buzz-Saw and a Energon Resistance Energy Shield Attachment.

Age: 2.7 million Years

Appearance: Shock-Vector Cc-transformer

Alt-Mode: Except red and orange Shock-Vector 16222eh0

Abilities: Blow torch, Large Battle Platform, and Surgical Attachments

Minicon: N/A
Minicon Alt-Form: N/A
Minicon BIO: N/A

Background Story: I was created 2.7 million years ago while the Cybertronian Wars. I was the 3rd version of the Sky Blazer project. I was different from Cyber Wing and Sky Blazer. I could combine with any other Transformer. Cyber Wing was a pure Decepticon as I wished for freedom and longed to be an Autobot Sadly we could not leave for fear we would be killed before we even escaped. Sky Blazer did escape before he was captured leaving for Earth. Once the new Decepticon leader Dive Bomb came into power he ordered for Cyber Wing and me to be brought to Earth. While on the ship I didn't want to tell him that I was Autobot for fear the Decepticon guards and small army that was arriving to Earth. I feared it would be a battle to the death and the ship would be damaged and myself killed. Now we wait until we land on the planet: Earth.

THIS WAS MADE BY SKY BLAZER TO HELP MY BUDDY IN REAL LIFE! He will make the Background Story and other.

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Shock Vector
Shock Vector
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Post  Galactic Viper on 8/17/2011, 7:11 pm


Shock-Vector <a href=Shock-Vector Pbucket"
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