Needs Avatar help Please,

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Needs Avatar help Please, Empty Needs Avatar help Please,

Post  Electrious on 7/30/2011, 4:08 pm

Hey, I was kind of wondering if anybody knew a site to get a avatar of your character that doesn't look like little kid art(I'm referring to my avatar by "little kidish") I feel a bit odd by having the least appealing pic at the moment, any site's or refrences would help me alot

If your wondering why I don't do it myself lets just say I'm not quite the artist..


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Needs Avatar help Please, Empty Re: Needs Avatar help Please,

Post  Meltdown on 7/31/2011, 8:49 pm

try googling them like
or transformers fan art
you'll be surprised what you'll find.

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Needs Avatar help Please, 20190224_145047_zps568fijr3_edit_1551413251919_zpscaefndqq_edit_1551413375127_zpsbw7rxseg
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