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Those Are not comets... Empty Those Are not comets...

Post  Electrious on 7/27/2011, 7:20 pm

As a few bots are patrolling their territory when a loud sonic boom sounds off, they look up quickly to see what looks like a huge astroid hurling right towards them! Many more soon came into view and the bots start to grow confused and alarmed, they carefully made their way toward the things that'd crashed in the heart of their land and see, Protoforms? They stare in suprise at the new bots, one of the few asks "did our leader send out a message for more troops?" they all look at eachother and silently wait for these new bits to emerge, but when they do they don't show any sign of being of these bots side, the protoforms were lean, had sharp teeth and glowing black eyes the tallest one hulks over the patrolling bots who feel small now, the tall one cackles hoarsly,
" The ShadowTrons will now take over your people and your land, and you will be the first to experince our ...Hospatility," the tall one suddenly pulls out a jagged scythe and the patrollong bots think if they should run or fight, one left their conlink on and it was still in communication with their Luttenent. Screams fill the area and the bots are left killed, the tallest ShadowTron smirks evilly and throws the last bots head into a ravine, the conlink still in function, the ShadowTrons walked off leaving energon stained foot prints, headed directly towards the Base of their foe's. Twisted Evil
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