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autobot Web Rider

Post  Web Rider on 4/27/2011, 3:54 pm

Name:Web Rider
Faction: See Chart
Size: See Chart
Function: Scout
Fire Power: plasma rifle
Appearance: not done at the mo
Alternate Mode:
he is a laptop which helps shut down the opposition
Abilities:able to shut down the other transformers and change them to his side
Background info: one of the origanal transformers which was on the side of the decepticons but when the auto bots got hold of his shut down body and brought him back to life he joined there side

Web Rider
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Re: autobot Web Rider

Post  Meltdown on 4/28/2011, 10:08 am

interesting idea but the original 13 transformers has been long dead. Either in the cartoons, movies, or comics. The only one that comes close was Jetfire (from the live action film) or vector prime (from the cybertron cartoon.) Please update the bio and make it at least a paragraph.

as for your abilites sounds good but certain transformers can't be reprogramed. Mainly main characters, unless they wanna switch sides and that could be done in a mission. Include that you have a robo-smasher attachment (robo-smasher can overwrite any transformers logic circuts.)

Also discription pics didn't come up either try again or at least discrib it.

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