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Ratchet is planning on Fusing Jolt and Driveby to form Joltby If he dosent fuse them who should he fuse him with?

Driveby leader of Ace I_vote_lcap33%Driveby leader of Ace I_vote_rcap 33% 
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Driveby leader of Ace I_vote_lcap33%Driveby leader of Ace I_vote_rcap 33% 
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Driveby leader of Ace I_vote_lcap33%Driveby leader of Ace I_vote_rcap 33% 
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Post  Driveby on 3/14/2011, 1:47 am

Captain of Sqaud Ace,Messenger of Optimus Prime Scout for his brother Sideswipe.
Driveby.Before being a top notch killing decipticon machine Driveby was a messenger.FOR THE DECIPTICONS.He was the underlink of his mentor Starscream,4 Differnt forms.In a huge battle at Starscream's base,And running into his older brother Sideswipe who convinced him to join the autobots are be killed by Warpath(on his way to thier position)So seeing his ex-mentor Starscream flee like a coward he agreed.Instantly,Sideswipe trained him to become a scout,then optimus noticed his pride,love of the autobots and hatered of the deciptions,Optimus made him the Messenger to the air forces(1 of the 4 forms was a high speed jet)Soon Leopard(the ex-captain of ace) was killed by Demolisher,in a hasty move Driveby took temp.Captain of ace,After 2 years of being temp. Fighting off Decipticons, Optimus made him full time captain of Squad Ace.So driveby stayed on Cybertron with Squad Ace.until the word of the autobots going to Earth,so him and his team left 2 months later.According to his messages Driveby will land June 2011 in Texas.
FORMS: 1.2010 Chevy Impala SS(Black)
2.UNKOWN High speed Jet(GOLD/WHITE With orange Strips)
3.Mini Military Tank(GRAY)
4.2011 Chrysler 200(MAROON)
Weapons:Primary-Plasma Cannon
Secondary-Cybertron&Earth Fusion Shotgun
Hands-Plasma Swords
ARCH ENEMY:Starscream
STATUS IN WAR:Captain of Squad Ace

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Post  Meltdown on 3/30/2011, 7:49 am


Those that oppose the Decepticons will be melted down into scrap.  The honor of doing that will be mine.
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Decepticon Warrior
Decepticon Warrior

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