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What are they up to? Empty What are they up to?

Post  Dream Weaver on 6/25/2010, 8:46 am

Chase was a good communications commander, though he had much to learn in the aspect of common etiquette as he entered Dreams chamber with no warning.

Excuse me, Dream Weaver my team and I have come across some very important information that I thought we should share with you and the Emperor. Chase exclaimed.

Ughh out with it Chase, I am very busy. Dream replied. This must have been important thought for Chase to come directly to her with this.

Yes ma'am. Well here is the transmission I have come across that came from a high ranking Autobot. Though I almost missed it. With that Chase took out a small device that had on it the transmission. He pointed it to her and clicked in ton...

--Message to all Autobots. I am conducting an exploration on our galaxy, that means traveling past this one. In order to find our old records stored on Cybertron. If successful, we may find a number of useful data that would help us destroy our foes and protect the galaxy. This is monumentally important, so any Autobot willing to come on the exploration will be helping the greater cause. --

Needless to say Dream was shocked with this finding. And at the same time disappointed that they could not think of this sooner. Dream knew what must be done, a meeting must be held with all the Decepticons to devise a counter action. Though Dream would rather they just prepare for the trip to Cybertron.

Excellent Chase. Now, continue your work. Dream commanded as they might be able to get more information out of the Autobots if they kept looking. Chase ran out of the door onto his original position as communications commander.

Emperor. I have recently come across important news. To cut it down, the Autobots are planning to return to Cybertron, for what is beyond me, but I feel as if we should take the same action. I shall contact the rest of the Decepticons and we shall meet at the HQ. She was sure that Dive Bomb would fully agree, and a matter of this magnitude could not wait for long...they needed to act fast.

Dream soon opened up yet another transmission, this time to all the Decepticons. Decepticons, this is Dream Weaver speaking. We have recently come across vital information regarding Cybertron. It is imperative that all of you report to the HQ immediately to discuss our actions. The Emperor and I shall be waiting for you.
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