Trouble in Mexico

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Trouble in Mexico Empty Trouble in Mexico

Post  Arch Angel on 6/20/2010, 10:16 pm

Rumors have spread and stories have been told. Giant robots have made their homes in random places throughout the planet Earth. Though who they represent, Decepticons or other, is unclear. One thing that is clear however, is that the Autobots are here to help.

The latest report is said to have come from deep within Mexico. The city of San Rosalia, has been recently coming in with many reports satin that some giant robot has been terrorizing the people. Arch Angel got hold of these reports and has decided to gather up the Autobots to take this one down.

Alright Autobots. there seems to be trouble in San Rosalia, Mexico. Word of a giant robot gone rampant and terrorizing the people of the city. Autobots, meet me at the HQ and be ready to Roll out and kick some ass.
Arch Angel
Arch Angel
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