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Post  cyclone on 6/2/2010, 10:54 am

Name: Cyclone
Rank: Leader
Faction: Autobots
Strength: 8.2
Speed: 9 in motorcycle mode and 5 in tank/shuttle mode
Intelligence: 7
Endurance: 6
Courage: 8.7
Skill: 8.6
Attack: 8.4
Defense: 9.3
Function: Scout, and troop transport
Fire Power: minimal while in motorcycle mode has a gatling gun and missle launchers. Tank/Shuttle mode sheild generator, fusion cannon, 10 missle launchers,
Age: 700 years old
Appearance: Cyclone's Bio Grimlock_Roboto_by_KaijuSamurai-3
Alternate Mode: Cyclone's Bio D_Thor2-1-1
Cyclone's Bio Bikefenrir-1
Mini-con: Never picked one.
Abilities: Being a triple changer gives him an edge but switching back and forth constantly one one day wears him out and puts terrible stress on his body. Has a sheild generator, one of the few autobots that can fly in robot mode.
Background info: Cyclone was built nearly 700 years ago while the great Optimus Prime wanted to bring some triple changer technology to their side to help them battle the decepticons. Cyclone was unable to come to earth when Optimus Prime called for the surviving autobots to come to earth. He was chasing Decepticons arcoss the galaxy trying to bring them to justice sent by the autobot elders. After learning that the all aprak was destroyed and the fallen defeted by Optimus and then being killed by Dive Bomb and becoming the new decepticon leader he abandoned his orders sent forth by the autobot council of elders and changed course for earth. Once he arrived he saw their numbers was very low as they had several battles since wheelie Magnus's rise to Prime status. Cyclone joined up with his fellow autobots and to this day fights on with his brothers and sisters.

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Cyclone's Bio Grimlock_Roboto_by_KaijuSamurai-2
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Post  Meltdown on 6/2/2010, 11:02 am

approved, I like the triple changer idea. Just remember in your bio you said it puts alot of wear and stress on your body if you constantly use all three modes in one day so make sure you stick to that format.

thanks...and welcome aboard.

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