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Post  Guest on 5/29/2010, 9:39 pm

Rank: Soldier
Faction: Autobots.
Strength: 7
Skill: 5
Function: Scout, combiner, medic.
Fire Power: Two Gatling guns, eight rockets and two lasers that retract into his shoulders. A slicing tool on his right arm. One Ion cannons (left arm.) Complete medical tools and repair tools.
Age: unknown
Appearance: StrikeFire 79d92aad-cf3f-4928-a770-c818fc7a833b.Large
Alternate Mode:StrikeFire Ah64_2
Mini-con: Kenca, red and white stands at three feet and is covered with stripes, (alt. form) R.C. helicopter.
Abilities: Flight, medical treatment, and a large knowledge of the human body.
History: Hundreds of years ago Strikefire was born on Cybertron. He was created to be a repair bot, but discovered his potential of being a soldier for the Autobots. The Autobots shipped him to Earth but on arrival there was a complication and he was buried under thousands of pounds igneous rock, due to a nearby volcano erupting. 400 years later in 2010 he broke out of the stones and went to the Autobot HQ to continue his mission of helping repair the Autobots before they start the war against the Decpticons.

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Post  Dream Weaver on 5/29/2010, 11:34 pm

Maybe add some background to your character, you could say what he did and who he was until he joined the certain faction, or what his story was until this time period. Also more details on you mini-con, just what it transforms into...besides that your good Smile
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