Brand New X-Men RPG site.

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Brand New X-Men RPG site. Empty Brand New X-Men RPG site.

Post  Meltdown on 7/4/2014, 1:41 pm

Myself and 2 others created an x-men rpg site it's in the beginning stages so that means good positions will be given to those on a first come first serve basis. Check it out. Let's see if any one can guess who I am on there (evil laughter)

Those that oppose the Decepticons will be melted down into scrap.  The honor of doing that will be mine.
Brand New X-Men RPG site. 20190224_145047_zps568fijr3_edit_1551413251919_zpscaefndqq_edit_1551413375127_zpsbw7rxseg
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