Long Horn Bio

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Long Horn Bio

Post  Long Horn on 5/7/2010, 12:13 am

Name: Long Horn
Rank: Sergeant
Strength: 8
Speed: (7.5
Intelligence: 6
Endurance: 6
Courage: 9
Skill: 7
Attack: 7
Defense: 6
Function: Troop transport and interrogation specialist
Fire Power: Energon sword, gatling guns out of his arms, blinding head light beams from his chest, metallic bo from his smoke stacks, null ray that disables electric currents, rocket launchers from his smoke stacks, and a mind controlled mini-con from his trailer.
Age: 700 years
Appearance: Robot form

Alternate Mode:

Abilities: Able to travel at high speeds with ease. Once in motion is the perfect battering ram, Long Horn is able to transport up to 5 decepticon cars for covert missions, over 100 human captives, and his trailer disconnects to a battle platform.
Background info: Long Horn was built over 700 years ago. He was created by the autobot ratchet to serve as a body as a precaution if Optimus Primes body was damaged beyong repair his spark could then be transfered into this shell of a transformer. How ever Bive Bomb attacked that specific lab and took this shell and several others for his evil plans. He was given a spark of his own which barely hold his own ego. He loves to ram cars, and other objects in his way to prove that he is king of the road and nothing can stand in his way. He arrived on earth less than a year ago and taken on the form of a freightliner truck as it suited him and his ego just fine. He travels with a mini-con partner named punch. He is more level headed than his master but always lets his master have the final word. He has finally taken his place a Dive Bombs side and with the other Decepticon forces attempts to send the remaining autobots to the junkyard.

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Re: Long Horn Bio

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