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Rules please read and follow Empty Rules please read and follow

Post  Meltdown on 4/27/2010, 8:53 am

This site has very simple rules as some you will find on any other site you are on, but here is the basic run down for those that are new to this type of role playing.(Please just keep in mind that this is a new site, and all suggestions are recommended and will be acted upon, simply contact any of the staff.)

1. Each member must create a transformer in the TCC (Transformer Character Creation) It must be approved by a staff member.
A. When creating your transformer please keep in mind that the weapons you choose must be in relation to the transformer universe. <For example you can not read other character's minds unless they are connected to some type of machine that is for that purpose.>

2. NO GOD MODDING!!!!!!!!! This means if you are in a battle you WILL receive some battle damage.
A. No main character < A members created character> can be killed UNLESS the creator gives staff members a heads up. < example they are leaving the site or wish to have his spark placed into another form as a new character> (A new bio MUST be created if that happens.)

3. No OOC (Out of character) posting unless it is in the general discussion section or in the section the faction leader(s) decide upon in their own headquarters. This will keep the story lines flowing and keep people interested.

4. Please keep the foul language down slightly. There could be little kids on here and I am against swearing in front of little ones. regular TV language is ok just stay away from the major ones like F#$K. If any one is caught violating this they will receive a warning for the first offense, the second could be more costly. That will be up to the site staff is a second offense happens. (This also applies to the site staff as well.) If a member observes a site staff doing it please notify myself of the other ones and we shall deal with it.

5. Do not harass other members. That means in the open forum or through PM's. If it is brought to the attention of the site staff action WILL be taken. I will not tolerate this. If you can work through it between the parties involved then a staff member does not need to be informed as it is then considered a dead issue.

6. Please do not post single line posts. That annoys certain people mainly myself. I know people have lives out side of these sites and maybe its just a quick post to stay within the story, that's fine please after your character does or says something just put in the bottom (sorry for the short post busy at the moment) or something of that nature and it will be allowed.

7. No member will be banned for an absence. If you let any one on the site know you are going to be away for a while then that person please inform some one in your chain of command of your faction. Again I know people have lives out side as I do as well so I have no problem with that at all.

8. Members are allowed to switch factions 2 times. Meaning if you are an Autobot you can switch to the Decepticons. Then if you are tired of fighting you can then become a neutral transformer however you must remain neutral for a while but once you decide which one you want to be in Autobot or Decepticon as the main factions you WILL NOT be allowed to switch again.
A. Secondary characters are allowed to be created. How ever they will only be allowed to change factions only once. So make careful consideration before changing sides.

9. When coming up with names please make sure they sound like transformer names not foolish names.

In closing on behalf of myself, the site staff and other members welcome to the site and have fun. I look forward to RPing with all of you in the near future.
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